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Question about my upload amount being excessive.


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So I'll download a torrent, like ubuntu that i got the other day and I left it on overnight. It was around 750+ MB file and I forget exactly what amount was uploaded, but it was about double the amount downloaded.

Then i go to settings, transfer cap, and it shows i uploaded 5.3 GB. WAY more than it said i uploaded.

So then I read it may be because of DHT, so i disabled it by right-clicking on the active torrent (in the tracker section of the main window) and disable DHT. I also disabled it in the settings menu. (along with local peer discovery and the other one i forget).

The upload in the main window and the upload in the transfer cap settings menu were close but still was larger than what stated in the main windows, if that even makes sense? Sorry its all new to me, i never paid attention to how much bandwidth I was using until I got a warning stating I was over my 500GB Cap. (large family, lots of streaming netflix, Xbox, ps3, PC Gaming etc.)

So I'm just trying to figure out WHY there is so much overhead? I guess with DHT Disabled it is an acceptable amount. But I would like to know if there is something else to lower it or if this is not a common problem and maybe I have a bug or something else?

Thank you-


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Why not just "rest" the history IF your Transfer Cap is disabled? If you have your Transfer Cap checked, then just up your Transfer Cap to (for example) 2000 Gb and change the Time Period to 1 Day. Unless you have a very fast internet connection and a very large storage device.

Also, uTorrent only measures what it downloads and uploads, and not other devices connected to your internet connection.

Also, you might want to try having uTorrent shut itself down after it's done all the downloading/uploading (seeding) is completed.

These are just suggestions, since I don't know your setup. Hope this helps.

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