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Download stops after 1 to 5% - Resumes once you restart uTorrent


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So this has started happening recently. I'm not sure what the reason is.

When I start a torrent, sometimes, after a few minutes, it stops downloading. When this happens, uTorrent doesn't exit either (rightclick tray icon and exit removes it from the tray but the background process keeps running). When we force an end-task down its throat and restart it, the download resumes at max speed and works flawlessly.

What can be the reason behind this?

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Just wanted to confirm, same thing is happening to me. Using the latest build, sometimes a torrent will download for a minute or so and then slowly drop down to nothing for no reason. When you exit utorrent via the normal method the gui closes but utorrent.exe stays in the task manager using ~5% cpu indefinitely until you end process. After starting utorrent again, it checks the torrent and downloads as normal. Sometimes this happens a couple of times per torrent. Not as a massive problem but slightly annoying.

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I can confirm this. Using uTorrent 3.3 (build 29625, 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit).

If I put the computer to sleep, upon waking up, uTorrent will seemingly start downloading.uploading, but it'll be only shown in the overall speed, not on any torrent After a few second it starts slowing down until it stops at 0.X for uploading and downloading. If I add new torrents then, it won't allocate space for them and later, upon closing it and starting anew, they'll be gone. If I try to remove torrent together with data, it'll disappear from the client, but it won't remove the data.

Closing uTorrent only closes the GUi and NO, it's not because I click X and it minimises, if I select Exit from the File menu, the same happens. I have to end the uTorrent process manually and start it again to fix it. It's annoying because if I forget to fix it and want to put the PC to sleep again, uTorrent's zombie process will prevent the PC from going to sleep, leaving it with blank screen, but on.



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true story... the same bug at uTorrent 3.3 build 29625 [32 bit] on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit.

Some notices:

Shit happens without any hibernate actions. I can reboot PC and start to download one of 10 torrent-files (another 9 are on pause). Ewerything goes fine. Then, after five minutes of nice work I add 3 more torrent files from pause to download, and speed fall to zero in a minute. After couple minutes of bad work I exit from uTorrent (Exit button in tray menu). Process is slowly shutting down while I write it post. About 10 minutes and it finally exit.

Also I notice that speed is fall when uTorrent process eat more than about 60 000 K RAM (in Windows Task Manager).

And finally... If I have "Disk overloaded 100%" in status bar of uTorrent then RAM goes to 68 000 K much faster. In my case this message appears after 3 minutes of 7 torrents download (~10,7 MB/s

total) to one disc.

Hope this information helps a little.

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Same here. After waking up from sleep, µTorrent downloads/uploads with ~ 0.3kB/s per torrent. It mentions "Disk Overloaded 100%" in the status bar. My download drive is striped/dynamic and Windows disk management reports it as healthy.

When I restart µTorrent, download speeds are normal (~ 2 mB/s) and Disk Overloaded does not appear.

It doesn't matter how many active torrents are running, but in this case I have about 2 active downloads and 1 active upload.

µTorrent 3.3 build 29625 [32 bit]

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 [64 bit]

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