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Torrent Files Disappeared


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For a few days now I've been torrenting a rather large file (~9GB), and since i was getting good speeds, last night i switched on 'Shut down when downloads complete' and went to sleep. Business as usual, never had a problem.

I turn on the computer today, check UTorrent to make sure there were no problems and...the download is now at 0.0%. Majorly confused, I check my torrents folder...no files. As if the download was deleted somehow.

I have Recuva running now to see if it can find anything. I checked my antivirus logs (i use Avira) and they don't mention having found anything in the last 4 days, so i doubt it was moved by that. I tried googling but couldn't find an answer.

That's all the information I can think of for now. Can anybody help? I'd like to get the files back without redownloading, but more importantly I want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Update: Recuva finished a deep scan of my torrents folder: Nothing there at all. It really is like these files have disappeared off the face of the earth.

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What client and version?

Had you changed the job caption at all?

Had you changed the name when loading the job?

Do you have uTorrent set to "Move completed downloads"?

If so does it "move" files to a different drive?

Is bt.graceful_shutdown set to "true"?

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