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Ok an hour ago I downloaded a 18gb rar file from torrent.Now in the Preference>Directory I accidently checked move completed downloads other directory(F:/ partition) and my new downloads were in (G:/ partition).

So as the rar file downloaded full it started moving it to F directory from G.I had 2GB free space left in G Partition but the moment it started transferring file,it started to decrease space in G(I dont know why in it,should be in F).And soon free space was 0bytes.I deleted more files in G but still it stayed on 0kb free space.

In F Partition where it needed to be transferred the file was still incomplete( since I check it with winrar and was corrupted as it said).

In G Partition I seeked original file and it was named with file extension .7z.1 instead of .7z.

Now am stuck I dont know what to do to recover it.Would I need to download whole 17gb .7z file again??? :(

I tried force recheck and it starts downloading file from start.

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Then the file was probably corrupted in any case.

The .1 is simply appended to the file while it is being moved it does not change the file in any other way.

Have you installed 7Zip and tried with that rather than WinRar? Because it may have been compressed using 7Zip's ultra high compression algorithm (LZMA or LZMA2)

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