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Download with the name of "dn"?


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Sorry if the question has already been asked.

The link magnets have the option to add a "dn" ("display name"), the question is:

I can download the file with the name I put in the "dn" and not the name of Torrrent content?

I can modify any parameter in the setting.dat or other file to whom, or need a plugin?

It's easier for me to modify or add a "dn" to the magnet, especially if they are many, and not renamed after.

Many Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you ONLY have the dn paramater, you can't download a torrent

You MUST have at least the xt=urn:btih:<hash> parameter to be able to download.

I'm sorry, I have not explained well, for example:

I have:


The torrent content is: The fifth symphony of Beethoven.mp3, will be the final name of the file.

Add a "dn"


I would like the final file was the name of the "dn": Beeth5.mp3

is it possible?

Many thanks

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What you're asking is 'if you use the DN option, will that change the name of the file.

Yes, many thanks :)

The other way I think logic is the option: "Run this program When a torrent finishes" to rename using parameters:

% N (Title torrent)% F (Name of downloaded file)

But, utorrent rename the title "dn" I write, I can not.

I appreciate any ideas or guidance, thanks

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