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Apparently, Me and some other folks were having huge RAM problems with current version of uT. Making our computers almost unuseable.

While this was solved for me in ver. 3.3.1 RC1 (29719) and I was just going to post about it, so the others might find some solution to this issuse, I found my thread closed as well as other one.



Mr. DreadWingKnight propably thinks that forums are not for discussion or solving problems, but only for closing threads that are not in his favor. The sadder, if he is one of the founding members. Throws kinda bad light on this community and staff as well. And please do not be offended, but if you got some personal issues go solve them somewhere else.

Have a nice day.

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It's a Windows problem that shows when applications do a LOT of file I/O and data caching.

uTorrent is NOT the problem, merely the catalyst that exposes the issue.

If you have a high use instance of MySQL or SQL Server or an application that uses SQL-Lite heavily you do often get the same problems occuring.

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