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Very Slow Upload, and most of my torrents won't seed at all.


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Hey everyone, just signed up .. well met :)

With that said, I'm a Verizon Fios is my ISP and I torrent from a private tracker.

I'm getting horrible upload rates, typically 10kb, or 0kb. Most aren't uploading at all.

I'm currently randomizing port each start, enabling upnp port mapping, natpmp port mapping, and added a windows firewall exception.

I set my global upload rate limiting to 1000 with not alternate for when im downloading.

Global Max Number of Connections :200

Max number of connected peers per torrent: 200

Number of upload slots per torrent : 50 and use additional upload slots if speed <90%

I have Enable DHT Network, DHT for new torrents, local peer discovery, bandwith management utp, udp tracker support, enable peer echanged checked and I'm using an outgoing encryption 'forced', and have allow incoming legacy checked as well.

I've been looking all over the internet and I can't seem to figure out how to increase these speeds. I have the Quantum FIOS internet package. This should be moving a lot quicker imo.

Thanks anyone who tries to assist :)

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Sorry, i don't really know much about all this. I only know how to download and let things upload for a very long time to show my support for the original download. With that said, what about 0KB, when there are peers out there? Shouldn't I be at least uploading to them at a steady 1-2kb?

Thank you for your help :)

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