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Chat/pm section for each torrent and ability to see peers


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a little over a decade there was a downloading client called WinMX. WinMX featured a chat system or pm system so you could chat with or private message the peers that were downloading/uploading or sharing a file you were downloading. You could message them and tell them you would like for them to let you download the file or in this case ask them to start seeding. I would like a feature that you can do this. This also coincides with a feature I would like to see in which you can see which peers you are connected to. Right now from what I can see from uTorrent, you can see how many peers you are connected to for each torrent or how many peers are connected to each specific torrent but you cannot see who the peers are.

WinMX back when it was big allowed you to see all the peers connected to a specific file and you could private message them. I think there was even a general chat section where you could chat about anything or ask people if they had certain files and get it from them, ect. You could also click each user and see what files they had up for sharing. I don't know if any of this is allowed as right now uTorrent seems to be anonymous or try's to be as anonymous as possible.. Big Brother forced old file sharing services like Napster and WinMX to shut down. However users/fans of WinMX found ways to keep WinMX alive and working. I haven't used WinMX in years so I have no clue if its even still being used. Like I said this kind of stuff for uTorrent may not be allowed but I am always having issues with having a ton of peers connected to a torrent, yet I cannot download the file and I would really like to pm these people and ask them to start seeding or allow me to download the file. Cause more often I get torrents that start downloading and then just stop downloading after so much has been downloaded and never start up again. I especially hate this when my download gets to like 99.6% and stops and never starts downloading again.

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BitTorrent uses a different type of communication to what WinMX did.

And "chat" was removed from uTorrent sometime ago as it was of little use.

And personally I turned chat off in WinMX to stop idiots sending pointless messages and "marketing" spam.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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