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High Seed But Low Speed


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Hi.. This is KINGSHUK From The India. I am a Big Fan Of µTorrent..

My Internet Connnection Speed Is Good. 2Mbps... My Normal Http Download Speed is Arround 230-250kbps..

But My Torrent Download is Very Slow.. Only 13.8 Kbps...

Downloading Torrent Files Has Very High Seed Value..

Also i Select my Bandwidth Allocation is Set to High..

But all are vain..

Here the Image :-


Please Help me...

.........Thanks Advance.

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Force Start May Start Downloading More Quickly....

The answer to this is FUCK NO IT DOESN'T

I have Configure µTorrent.. From This Video

Congratulations, youtube setup guide settings are NOT supported. Reset your settings from scratch, use the ctrl+g setup guide and follow http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 if problems persist.

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