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Trorrent doesn't re-start.


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hi folks,

(my programm runs in german, so for the specific terms i use translations.)

when a torrent has successfully downloaded a movie, the line gets a green bar saying "Fertig" = "finished".

this line doesn't do leaching (that's clear), but it doesn't do any seeding either.

when i try to restart by klickling the button with the green triangle on top of page, then it tries for some seconds, but turns back into inactive mode. (triangle turns grey.)

for me it looks, as if i wouldn't offer seeding, but i would like to do so for supporting the community.

a) is my assumption right - then what is to do to make it active?

B) is my assumption wrong - then why does it look inactive?



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I changed: "Einstellungen > Warteschlange > Warteschlangeneinstellungen > Max. Anzahl v. aktiven T. (Up- or Downl.):" from 40 to 80 and "... Max. A. v. aktiven Downloads:" from 20 to 40,

and: "Einstellungen > Transferlimit > Begrenzungen > Transfer-Begrenzungen: (Typ: Uploads)" from 70 to 700 (Period: 7 Days)

Then it worked, and the "Fertig (Finished)" seeds started working.

I probably misinterpreted this function as being regulated by the following setting:

"Einstellungen > Bandbreite > Anzahl d Verbindungen > Max. Gesamtanzahl d. V.:" was/is at 200,

and "...Max. Anzahl v verb Peers pro Torrent:" was/is at 50.

This is a private translation:

I changed: "Settings > Queueing > Settings of Queueing > Max Count of aktive T. (Up or D):" ...to 80, "Max act. D" ...to 40,

and: "Settings > Transferlimit > Limits > Transfer-Limit: (Typ: Uploads)" ...to 700

Misunderstood: "Settings > Bandwitdh > Count of Links > Max total Count of Links:" ...at 200,

and: "Max Count of linked Peers per Torrent" ...at 50.

Hope this helps someone else.


PS: There are a lot of Movies/Torrents, which got stuck at 60% or 80%, and don't grow anymore.

They are usually older than 10 years. This is a pity.


Regards, Alfred

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