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How to perform one action for many torrents utorrent?


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Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, please point me in right direction if possible.

I've just spent a day migrating to utorrent from Vuze [on a mac], since I don't like the new 5.0 update.

So far I am loving Utorrent. :)

However, the main annoyance [and it's a pretty big one] is

performing one action for multiple torrents.

For example, if I select a whole bunch of downloads [complete or incomplete] and want to change the location of the files by doing the following ;

right click --> advanced --> Set download location

utorrent then asks me which location I want for each individual file!!!

So I select "downloads/movies" as the destination for my the first file, and then another dialog screen comes up and asks me again for the next file! and the next, and the next and the next, and etc.....

I selected a bunch of files because I wanted to move the data for them all to a single folder in one action.

Having to click around to perform one action 20, 30, 40 , 50 times on 20, 30, etc individual files, which I should be able to do in one action is ridiculously mind-numbingly time-consuming. ):

It is the same way for opening/starting new torrents in utorrent.

It's nice that it asks me what to do for each individual torrent, but at the same time,

I'd love to have the "option" [which I feel should be the default] to just start them all in utorrent, all in the same destination and label, with one action, and adjust them individually later if I want to.

I'm sure there must be an easy fix, or an option or setting I am not seeing,

and I'm probably just not smart enough to figure it out.

Thanks in advance for any help!

This is driving me kinda nuts! :)

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Damn, still no answer!

I've got like over 800 movies seeding.

If I want to move all those files to a different folder and continue seeding,

with the current way utorrent seems to be set up,

I have to click through 800 dialog screens,

specifying the new location for the files,

whereas on Vuze, I only had to do the same thing just ONCE for the same result!

This is ridiculous.

I might have to spend another day changing back to Vuze without further advice ):

What a let-down. The client is excellent in every other way.

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