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Visual freeze (kind of)


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I've had a look through the forum already, but I'm not entirely sure what my issue is, so I apologize if this has already been answered.

I recently had to restore my laptop (which went fine), but after installing utorrent it's been weird (I'm guessing it's the new update); when I download something the little (1) comes up next to Torrents, but the torrent name/download status doesn't show up in the main...area...thing. I exited utorrent and opened it up again and the torrent is showing up, but it's kind of frozen; the download status doesn't move unless I click on the torrent and then click away.

Also, I can't view other labels (ie downloading, seeding, completed etc), like the screen's frozen, but still working 0_o

I guess this isn't a huge issue as I still get my torrents, but yeah...

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