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Can i move a download thats still downloading, and/or any suggestions?


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yesterday i started a fairly sizable download. about 20minutes ago i see the torrent is not just, not downloading anymore but the actual downloaded data is not even visible in the uTorrent application anymore.

i frantically searched everywhere and cant find the torrent file anywhere but then find the folder its been downloading to in my downloads. i know its not completed because it was about 40% complete when this mystery started.

so, i see a message appear somewhere on my taskbar, something about corruption of data on my c drive (i saw this message for just a second really so cant be 100% sure).

so, i go on the net and search the torrent i initially downloaded, i find it and attempt running it again. I do and it does (is that for real?,...it can just pickup where it left off? -if so, then im just downloading torrents from here on end, thats friegen AMAZING!!)

My main concern is thus that i might be downloading to a bad block on my hard drive or something like that and would like to know if i, can / and should move my download elsewhere. Or is there anything you can suggest regarding my situation,.....PLEASE!

Also, one last thing it seems my download is somewhat slower than the speed i achieved before this incident -any ideas?


Many Thanks

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