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Moving downloaded files after appending label


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Currently, you can set µTorrent to move a download once it becomes complete to a folder based on it's label with the "Append the torrent's label" setting in the "Directories" tab. This setting is only accessible through µTorrent Remote in version 3.3

This setting only works before the torrent is complete. It will not move the files if the torrent is 100% completed.

It would be nice to have µTorrent move any file as soon as the label is applied to it, example;

C:\downloads\fedora-x64.iso [100%] [No label]

As soon as the label is applied to the completed download, it is moved to it's respective folder

C:\downloads\fedora-x64.iso [100%] [Operating Systems]

C:\downloads\operatingsystems\fedora-x64.iso [100%] [Operating Systems]

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