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Port mapping Huwaeu echolife BM 635


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Update: So....

after searching on the internet and reading the guides, it looks like i have to forward the port that's is currently used by utorrent (currently it's 55500) so the speed go back to normal, i tried to do that but i failed here what i came to

I understand that port mapping varies from one router to another, but if you could help me with anything

I tried several times but every time i check it tells me the port is not open, so is there anything you can tell to me from the picture,

Note: for some reason i have several DHCPs ( i don't know if that's normal

Note #2: The router is Huwaei echolife BM635

Note#3: i guess the problem is with me that i don't know where to put the utorrent port there is two fields

one says internal port and the other says external port, and if one is reserved to the port that is used by utorrent what to put in the other field.

Note#4: My IP addres is:, my external IP addres is:


Any Help would be truly appreciated thanks :)

the old topic

Hi, as the addres suggests for some reason my speed is not normal

until yesterday every thing was fine, but today the speed dropped significantly and i don't know why

usually my download speed is 90-120 Kb/s and my upload speed is 10-20 Kb/s and now i am getting 10 Kb/s and 1Kb/s

I tried to reinstall the program several times through clean installs (removed the registry data, the app data files, and did an uninstall from the uninstall or change programs) but it didn't work

i tried to go through the setup guide, adjust the values to the suggested values, but it didn't work neither

note that i had this problem before for few days about three months ago, but the problem gone automatically and every thing was back to normal.

but now i have this problem again and i don't why, currently i have uninstalled the program completely

i never had to adjust the values before, and last time i had that problem i didn't have to changes any values too...

any suggestion would be appreciated thank you :)

two pieces of information that might help:

1- there is this rare moments when the speed go up to its typical rates before it drops down quickly to crappy rate.

2- i guess there is a problem when trying to connect with peers, the seeds number looking good, but the peers number are dead low (varying between 3 to 0) which apparently is the problem.

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a new piece of information: Recently i changed my modem place from my bedroom to the living room in order to cover more space inside the house, does that changed anything in terms of the ports

i don't know actually, what i am trying right know to enable encryption but it has only limited effect

again i never had to change any settings and every thing was perfect until now.....

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Recently i changed my modem place from my bedroom to the living room in order to cover more space inside the house

You do realise that with the way that radio signals propagate from the antenna at the frequencies used for 802/11, being physically HIGHER will giver better coverage

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Thank you ciobaby for your respond, and for that information....

anyway, frankly i don't care because i just wanted internet access in certain area of the house and i now have that, what it really matters does changing the modem place affect the torrent in way or another? and if i returned it the way it was before would everyting get back to normal? and how i can negate that effect?

hope you can answer soon thanks :)

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OK , i recently installed Kaspersky internet security 2013,, i actually don't know if he are firewalling utorrent

i checked and it does not seem that he is blocking it, but what about TCP ingoing / outgoing how i can configure it properly or check to see if he is

i found a comment explaining how to do it but it was from 2006, i guess things changed a lot since then

any help how to configure Kaspersky internet security 2013 firewall so he does not cobnflict with utorrent

thanks :)

Edit: i just tried to shut down Kasper and the speed remained awfully low, so i guess Kasper has nothing to do with it, reminder: currently the only thing i did was enabling encryption, it had a little effect but still crappy..

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just after i enabled DMZ (assuming that the DMZ host address is my machine's IP) the speed has increased considerably but a bit after it went back to be awfully low...

so i am gonna disable DMZ now

with that being said,, that didn't solve the problem, i am starting to wonder if it has anything to do with my anti-virus although i made a rule to enable the utorrent port

this getting way too frustrating :(

but really thanks for your suggestion :)

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Thank you ciaobaby and Beasly for responding

i know that... i am disabling them but just in case, because i am a bit desperate

the problem is do you know how to forward the port for that kind of router, or can you tell me what is the right values for the fields because i tried several times and i just can't do it right

also even when i enabled DMZ nothing changed, in addition the download was off at some points

is there anything left i can do?

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