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before some mod rants i would like to say that i am no noob in the torrenting world, i began with emule and saw the first torrent sites appear.

what i know for sure when i was a windows user is that when a peer completed the download its IP did not disappear from the peer list, it stayed their with 100% in the bar, this happened in the first releases of uTorrent, and i know that for this happens a communication must be kept between me and the other seed.

But now what happens is that when a peer finishes his download its IP disappear from the list, so we can not control who continues to seed and who closes the connection after the download is finished, the so called hit and runners.

So, i do not know why this feature disappeared from uTorrent but i would like to see it return.

would someone that knows the utorrent code explain me why and what chances are that this feature will return someday, cause for me that uploads great amount of torrents it is a key feature


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Seeds maintaining connections to other seeds is a bug.

The only versions of uTorrent that ever even attempted to maintain connections to other seeds while seeding were EXTREMELY early versions.

We won't be implementing a feature that would allow this to be overridden simply because it would require EVERYONE to allow seeds to connect to other seeds. THAT is a massive waste of resources for something to satisfy someone's OCD.

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