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a WEIRD request !!!


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hi all ! i just joined today to submit a very odd question (& hopefully get an answer too !) ; when i opted for ut 3, my download speed became around 3/4 kbps. so, i got back to v.2.2.1 & i'm absolutely happy with it, except for 2 reasons. at the time of setting up ut i need to skip 2 dialogs, those r - 1) check out our next spotlight release & 2) utorrent browser bar optional install. i also don't like the apps pane & find torrents pane. all i want to do is - completely remove these options with the help of res hacker or pe explorer. but, i don't know which particular dialogs r responsible for these options. so, plz help me friends to create a clean & adware free version of my much beloved version 2.2.1. hoping for a solution. plz, don't tell me to be careful at the time of setup & skip these steps. as, these options just get on my nerves. i need my ut just like it was before, perhaps the last clean version was 2.0 beta. i want it just like that. so, plz give me a hand to create a clean installer of ut 2.2.1. thanx to all. :)

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