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uT often exceeds seeding ratio & uploaded seeding goal.


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Sorry if this is double post - couldn't find it. Delete the duplicate.

In all past versions (for yrs) & in 3.2.3, uT seems to ONLY use the "calculated" seeding ratio (& min time to seed) to stop seeding. Correct me if I'm wrong. There is a flaw to using the calculated (seeded volume / downloaded volume) ratio, in certain instances.

I often see final seeded ratios far exceed the set seeding % X downloaded (or selected) file size.

In these cases, reported seeding ratio often exceeds the set ratio by large amounts.

Say, if ratio is set @ 70% (w/ min seeding time = 1 min), final seeding ratio may be 95% or 125%.

The target seeding VOLUME is also exceeded (say, 70% of 100 MB downloaded = 70 MB).

Final seeded volume may be 90 or 110 MB, etc. Sometimes, 100's of MB > than downloaded size x set seeding ratio.

My U/L & D/L caps are set at uT setup recommendations, so my u/l rate is never very high.

Also, I usually set min seeding time at 1 min, & seeding is set to stop after reaching seeding goal (ratio) so that's not an issue.

If seeding begins & continues long before d/l begins, or if actual u/l speed for a torrent (not the set pref u/l speed), exceeds the d/l speed for a good while, allowing it to u/l much more data than it's downloading, the final seeding ratio (& resulting data volume) can far exceed the desired goal.

uT appears NOT to use a data VOLUME (% of the expected max download file size) as the trigger to stop seeding - as a MAXIMUM amount to seed, if set to stop after reaches seeding goal.

The MAXIMUM expected download size would be the SELECTED file size.

Regardless of when, how seeding & downloading ratios, rates & volumes occur, uT should STOP seeding when the seeding VOLUME is reached (based on seeding % x downloadED size, or expected MAX download size) - PERIOD. It doesn't always do this. These screens & many instances like them, are after FINISHED downloads.



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