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I must have forgotten forum rules here, that it's against the rules to post a question or have a discussion in the forums and post a separate bug report. So, if it is a no - no, I apologize.

But, I don't find it mentioned or that it's considered double posting, in the latest forum rules that I'm aware of (though says updated 04/08/2013)


, but I DO NOT have greatest eyesight, so could have missed it. If I did, you could have politely reminded me & I'd have happily complied.

IS it against forum rules to post a bug & a question in general / troubleshooting forums? Maybe there are more recent rules.

It does say, "Be nice and be polite." :)

I honestly didn't know you were one of the developers, that accepted or rejected bugs. Else, I wouldn't have wasted my own time posting a bug, since you have final say so (from forum posts). Sorry.

However, on most software sites w/ separate forums & bug reporting sites/ bug trackers, it's often encouraged to post a bug (or feature request) if no satisfactory answer is found OR if you think something isn't working correctly / would like to see a change. Most everywhere I go - so one can understand my confusion.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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