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Q: Re-seeding from a new computer


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Hi. I have a question about re-seeding all my torrent files from my external harddrive where all the files were originally downloaded to.

Here is the scenario:

Currently I'm seeding all of my torrents from my desktop off of my external hard drive. However I'm moving to another country in about a week and I will not to taking my desktop with me so I'd like to continue seeding all of the files off of my laptop from the same external harddrive. I'm not sure how I would transfer the information from one utorrent to another especially since I open all the .torrent files directly and do not save them to a download folder.

I just wanted to know how I would be able to do this as hassle-free as possible because it'd be a shame to stop seeding and not be able to maintain my ratio on certain sites. Thanks in advance for the help.

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