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Ratio -- Increasingly High (Private Tracker)


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Not all of the Torrents are like this but I have 6 out of 514 torrents that are extremely High in Ratio when they shouldn't be!

For example I have one that is seeding right now that is:

File Size: 7.30 GB

Uploaded: 4.20 GB

But current Ratio Shows: 1077.502

Others are just as extreme!

All 514 Torrents are from the same private tracker so I know it's not the Tracker / Site. My Site Ratio seems to be correct. It just took some math to figure it out vs. having the client do it for me.

Not a big problem but would like to know why it is happening!

Here is the info for the other 5 torrents:

1) File Size: 794 MB

Uploaded: 486 MB

But current Ratio Shows: 402.205

2) File Size: 762 MB

Uploaded: 158 MB

But current Ratio Shows: 116.853

3) File Size: 839 MB

Uploaded: 110 MB

But current Ratio Shows: 74.698

4) File Size: 5.77 GB

Uploaded: 3.89 GB

But current Ratio Shows: 14.658

5) File Size: 6.05 GB

Uploaded: 3.42

But current Ratio Shows: 12.907

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