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Hashcheck every restart of uTorrent


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I built a new PC yesterday, and after installing it (Win7) and installing uTorrent 3.3, uTorrent keeps checking the files every time i start it, and it takes a long time. I read somewhere on the forum that it might have something to do with bt.graceful_shutdown under preferences -> advanced, but that's set to true.

Little additional info: All downloads go straight to my NAS, my trusty notebook running WinXP and uTorrent 3.3, which also downloads to the NAS works perfectly fine. Does anybody know what this problem is and how to fix it?

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How come it didn't before, up till yesterday i've never experienced this problem?

No idea will you be telling us the client build just in case it is a known issue?

And how long should I give it to shut down before shutting down the PC?
Again ... No idea.

Close down time depends on how many jobs are actually active and what action is being performed at the point you decide to shutdown.

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