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Torrent files don't appear when I select Set Download Location???


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I'm trying to choose the location where the .torrent files are located, so I click on Set Download Location which opens up a window that allows me to navigate to the folder where I should see the .torrent files but I can't point to the .torrent file because only FOLDERS appear - no .torrent FILES. Is the Set Download Location no longer the function used to point uTorrents to a .torrent file if it's been moved?

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Yes, you set the download LOCATION, not select the files it should save.

Working as intended.

Just select the folder you want to store them in, that's it.

Also, "Set Download Location" is not for .torrents it's for the files you download.

If you want to choose folder where to save .torrents then do it in Preferences > Directories.

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