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Migrating torrent from Vuze


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Last night, I began using uTorrent instead of Vuze, on the advice of a friend, and I'm glad I switched.

My share ratio on DIME is at .42 (even worse on TTD), and it would be helpful if I could seed, through uTorrent, the dozens of torrents I downloaded via Vuze.

I researched how to migrate files, and followed the "loading multiple torrents stored in a single folder" instructions I found here: http://www.utorrent.com/help/guides/migrate.

But when I migrated the files, they began to download all over again, which will hurt my share ratio, so I killed all the downloads.

So: is there any way for me to seed via uTorrent the torrents I've already downloaded via Vuze? Alternately, any other suggestions on how I can maximize my share ratio via uTorrent?

Many thanks for advice and insights.

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