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can't seed new torrent because it wants to download instead


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  • 3 weeks later...

hmmm.I seem to be having a similar problem which happened overnight....after creating the torrent I go back to the private tracker site, fill in the upload form with all details including tracker announce then click

upload.....a screen pops up in the site where I see my torrent ready to seed.....I click on download and then point to the directory where my folder is which contains 15 mp3 files.....what usually happens next is utorrent checks the folder and when it gets to 100% it automatically begins to seed and within a matter of seconds I have dozens of peers downloading my torrent BUT what now happens is instead of checking the folder and going to seed mode it goes to DOWNLOADING and stays at 0%....as far as I am aware I haven't changed any of my settings and this has got me totally stuffed...would one of you kind people please help me?

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