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µTorrent 3.3.2 Stable


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The same. This happens with big files over 6-7 GB in size.

LE: Tried another client - not gonna give names - and I can download with no issues at speeds of 70+ MB/s. So it's not entirely only Windows' fault. I believe to think that windows has no issues with the cache system.

So my question now is, if it's possible with other clients, why isn't it possible with uTorrent ?


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Yes, there is a new offer, including: Spigot / mybrowserbar.

According to Google "Spyware/Malware/Adware/Redirects/Highjacking/Removal problems."

For the last few years Bittorrent.inc has taken a direction that the $$$ takes precedence over true development. Almost obessively...

Sure you release builds with very minor fixes but you may be losing your way...

This direction and lack of organization will certainly hurt in the long run...

You know as well as I that the regular users will probably install all the garbage at installation..Chaaching!....Also the regular user will not even bother or have no idea about the disabling in client ads procedure! Caaching again!

Do you think utorrent would have been as successful if you started off with an ad filled client many many years ago when utorrent first started? Don't forget where you came from!

The $$$ is surely clouding your vision!

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More info:

- Win7/X86 (32 bit)

- Idle, no seeding, no downloading jobs

- settings - default or the one I've posted in my sig.

- using M$ performance monitor, showing uTorrent "private bytes" properly scaled

- Using RSS

- ~250 torrents in the main view

- 3 runs

Anyone else cares to try and test it over night? Maybe with a different Windows OS?



Can you tell me how you singled out uTorrent with M$ Performance Monitor? I'm new at all this "techie" stuff. I'm slowly learning by myself with the assistance of others, as well as yourself!


David :)

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how you singled out uTorrent

Like so (just select "Private Bytes"):


BTW, I've sound out what the issues was: I was running the exe in *XP-SP3 compatibility mode" As soon as I've reseted it - problem was solved (in Win7...) . Not sure about XP...

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The $$$ is surely clouding your vision!

People and especially companies generally have an inability to listen to anything that falls outside of what they either want to do or what they believe in. Have you ever known something is the best way or the truth and tried to persuade someone else of it? Personally I just don't bother.

If they want to slowly kill themselves let them do it, find another torrent project to follow and help improve, this one is going nowhere fast. Just stop caring, you'll feel better.

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Revolution not rhetoric.

You know as well as Bittorrent.inc that they have users by the balls! Most people are going to choose a popular piece of software.

A revolution will most likely not happen because of the fact of the ratio of users that truely know what goes on in the belly of the beast and the ones that don't.

Most are regular users that either do not care or are not informed enough of what goes on here on the forums...ex: The majority of them have no clue that most ads/featured crap can be disabled on installation and in client. How about a big old fashioned Sticky with the appropriate title for disabling or is it because every click brings in $$$.


Total number of registered users on the this forum is 255,367 compared to the millions of utorrent users.

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You know as well as Bittorrent.inc that they have users by the balls!

Of course they don't, what they do have is the reputation and the userbase that uTorrent had built up BEFORE BitTorrent Inc purchased it, and it is only that historical reputation that sustains it currently.

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Hello I normally use older uTorrent build 2532 but I just reinstalled win764 and decited to use 3.3.2. Why didn't it download to my Program Files(x86) I use a VPN so I need to make a Firewall Rule. In the older build I didn't have any problems need help!!

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Tried the new version, a mistake of course:o. It tries to write blocks of unfinished pieces even if cache is free, and eventually will overload the disk on high bandwidth connections.

<Really? You're really going to break the rules in one of the most watched by moderators part of the forums?>

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But at least there IS a changelog... I call it progress ... ;)

Just downloaded a file over 20GB, and after awhile i noticed my system was very sluggish, when i saw the task manager ram usage my jaw dropped. over 4 GB of wasted RAM on utorrent again,

I dont call that progress, son !

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Hi, I'm use the uTorrent 3.3.2 Stable. Hungarian trackers not supported ipv6. How can I disable this feature? Some trackers not avalliable after the torrent downloaded. uTorrent says: HTTP Error 400. Which option can correct that fault? Thank you for your help.

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It's not the utorrent.exe process eating the ram, it's not uTorrent.

It's windows disk cache stupidity.

In search of usable uTorrent version because of this problem i got down to version 3.1.3 which is not "exposing" the Windows cache eating ram "bug" and I could finally USE uTorrent for big torrents and for longer times.

And when i went to the Disk Cache settings under Advanced i think i understood why.

In the 3.1.3 version there are the good old "Disable Windows caching for disk writes/reads" check boxes.

In the next version 3.2(which i tested and was too exposing the Windows cache bug) those 2 options are no longer available!

So maybe that is the reason for the huge RAM usage when downloading big torrents with latest versions(the windows cache bug).

I tested all latest and first BUILDS of all VERSIONS of uTorrent(going from latest to older versions) down to latest build of 3.1.3 which is the last version without this Windows caching bug.

I thought that those options were removed because uTorrent was using them(checked) by default from that version up.

But as my research shows it seems that in post 3.1.3 versions either those options are not used at all or they ARE used,but something is messed up and its not working correctly or there are other changes made to uTorrent that are exposing the Windows cache bug.

In any case as many users have already reported(including me),latest versions of uTorrent are simply NOT usable(unless you want your modern powerful PC to feel like a 10 year old bucket of bolts and nuts) when downloading big torrents or when running uTorrent for longer periods of time,because of this Windows cache bug that is somehow not exposed in 3.1.3 version,but it is in later versions.

I would prefer a less perfect caching mechanism(if that is what is actually exposing the Windows cache bug in later versions),but having a usable uTorrent.But that is only my opinion.

The only drawback to using 3.1.3 for me is that this version does not yet have the ability to download Magnet Links metadata during the add torrent dialog(which ofc eliminates the possibility to select which files to be downloaded before starting the job).

But that is a very small price to pay for having a usable uTorrent,and im gladly paying it.

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Big problems @ speed above 100 Mbps.

I am getting the RAM full, and the download stops.

This problem is here since the launching of windows 7 :lol:

Other clients are doing decent jobs @ hi-download speeds.

I even payd for a utorrent licence for supporting this... but still same old problem.

So, How long will it pass until utorrent will be able to download @ hi-speeds without messing up the windows caches, and fill the computer ram memory ?.


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As you can see ghita.silviu as many others have problems with the SUPPORTED versions.

So you can keep your unusable supported version and i will keep my unsupported WORKING and USABLE one since it does all i need without bringing my PC to a crawl.

It is just mind boggling how can ppl keep defending uTorrent when it is simply unusable with big torrents at high speeds!And how stubborn are the devs/staff that prefer releasing an unusable version instead of working around this "Windows cache bug".

I just don't understand you guys.

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