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µTorrent 3.3.2 Stable


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Thanks CphD (same settings there) & rafi (heh heh... will try if need to scratch the upgrade itch),


I couldn't reproduce the problem myself now, with new torrents today - it figures that this happens right after I ask for help LOL! :) sorry for that.


So actually no problem with utorrent Build 30586 at all. :):)

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µTorrent Stable (3.4 build 30596)

Same as RC build posted on 2/15.



Apparently stable for weeks per (revised) updated changelog.



-- 2014-1-31: Version 3.4 (build 30596) Stable


-- 2014-1-31: Version 3.4 (build 30543) RC5

- Fix: Speed improvement for fast downloaders (Cache coalescing)

- Fix: Don't use so much CPU when seeding uTP (BEP40 performance improvement)

- Change: New icons for .torrent document icon

- Fix: uTorrent did not display "Moving" as a torrent status

- Change: torrent document icon is now different than uTorrent executable icon

- Change: CPU reduction during uTP download and seeding.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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