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Adding labels doesn't move torrents to subdirectories


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Build 29677.

Previously, when downloading a torrent, adding a label of my choice, say "Music", would move the torrents to C:\torrents\music once they finished downloading.

Since the last update, the label is there but all torrents go into my default download directory instead, regardless of the label i pick. Tried creating entirely new labels but same result.

When I start a download, the "Create Subfolder" checkbox is ticked.

Searched the forums & the FAQ, but didn't find anything specific for this. Any help would be appreciated. Again, I haven't played around with any particular settings, it's just that the client's stopped appending the subdirectory name to my downloads location. It moves the files just fine from my incomplete location to the default download though.

If I manually specify the download directory, (advanced -> set download location) it also works fine.

Tried the 3.3.1 RC as well, same behaviour.

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