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diskio.write_queue_size & diskio.read_cache_size ?


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is this right??

diskio.write_queue_size defaults to -1, which is automatic cache management. µTorrent will automatically adjust the cache size based on your download speed (max measure download speed * 7). If you would like to adjust this value manually, set it 8 times your maximum download speed in kilobytes, but try to avoid going below 1000, or above 32768 in most situations.

i think not, because imagine someone in japan... they have connections with 100mbps (optical fiber) so, with this, this value would be more than 32768, and people like me, with adsl 600/512, will have to set values smaller than 1000

i frind said that this value range is from -1 to 8 only... which one is right??

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Hi, just been trying to get an understanding of disk caching through the forums and see in most cases that letting client do the thinking is advised. I'm using beta 452 also on a 3.5/512 dsl connection and usually achvieve decent dl speeds of 300 - 350 overall. uTorrent resides on exclusively and does all it's tasks on a Barracuda Sata 200gb 7200rpm 8mb HDD. I have everything ticked in Disk Cache settings except the override automatic disk cache opiton. So I have a couple of novice questions based on current setup

1. Currently with default settings set at 32 write stats to cache hover at 12 - 15mbs and at a rate of avg 15/s - 20/s and the read stats from cache at 0..... is this normal?

2. Should the automatic cache size be ticked and reset from 32 to 8?

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