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uTorrent 2.2.1 randomly ceased downloading anything at all.


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On windows 7, the computer was built about a year ago, plenty powerful etc.

Been using utorrent for many years now, pretty much always worked fine. Then randomly last night on all computers in the house utorrent stopped downloading anything, speeds were to 0.1 kb/s at most. On the face of it there were plenty of seeds.

uTorrent setup guide always spits out errors, mostly 10060, not connecting, but occasionally the "socket couldn't be opened" error. We're in the UK, with plusnet, everything has been fine up until now.

uTorrent is allowed in the windows firewall, and I also tried making an exception for it in the plusnet router, but that made no difference. This happened once before many years ago - but I can't remember how I fixed it, or whether it fixed itself or what.

It worked very briefly (2 minutes) earlier this morning when I reset my router, but then went bad again. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it several times, with several version and several different clients (Bittorrent, bitcomet, vuze) all to no avail, nothing will download on anything.

I've tried resetting windows firewall, I've tried turning off my antivirus (mse), running as admin, nothing.

In the logger it keeps tying to connect but either gives 10060, or "DNS resolution failed for tracke udp". This is on every torrent I've tried, open office says it refuses to parse and slackware doesn't download at all after being added.



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