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Used Torrent Files Not Moved To Specified Folder


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When I saved a torrent and manually initiated the download, the used torrent will automatically be moved to a folder I set up to collect all used torrent files.

However, if a download is automatically started by RSS Downloader, the used torrent will stay within the same folder and doesn't get moved to my used torrent folder. When I try to manually move it over, it's locked by uTorrent.

This never happened before in earlier versions of uTorrent.

Does anyone experience the same problem?


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uTorrent 3.3 (build 29625) [32-bit]

My Setup -

New Downloads in: D:\BitTorrent

Completed downloads to: D:\BitTorrent\Completed

Store .Torrents in: D:\BitTorrent

Move .Torrents for finished Jobs to: D:\BitTorrent\Used Torrents

When I manually saved a .Torrent into D:\BitTorrent and start the download, the .Torrent will be moved to D:\BitTorrent\Used Torrents after the download is completed.

When a download is auto initiated by RSS Downloader (when new file is available), the .Torrent gets auto saved to D:\BitTorrent, but after the download is completed, it stays in D:\BitTorrent, and will not move to D:\BitTorrent\Used Torrents. When I manually try to move this .Torrent to D:\BitTorrent\Used Torrents, it wouldn't allow me and keeps telling me the file is in use (although I have already deleted the job from the Torrents Screen). The only way to move it is to exit uTorrent, reboot my PC, and move it.

This never happened in all the previous versions of uTorrent.

I keep thinking I have forgotten to download the file, as it still stays in my D:\BitTorrent after download is completed.

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