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uTorrent seems to be causing frequent BSOD's


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Hey guys, this is my very first post here 'cause I need some help.

Alright, well, I'll open utorrent and select a torrent to be downloaded and after like 2% my computer crashes.

If I don't open utorrent at all my computer runs perfectly fine. I've heard a lot of people are having trouble with hotspot shield, which I can't find so I'm assuming it's not there or it's under a different alias.

My antivirus is AVG 2013(sadly), my windows firewall is on and I don't have any special settings or exceptions in either of them.

I understand to assess a BSOD you're supposed to send like 3 files? minidump, memory, and something else. it would be lovely if you could point me toward where those are(directory wise)

That's pretty much all that I have to say other than I'll be awaiting your responses and thank you all for any help in advance

If it helps at all:

I am running Win 8 64

i have an i3 3110M(2.4 dual, 4 threads)

intel HD graphics 4000(nothing special)

4 gigs of RAM(3.7 or so actually usable)

DX version is 11


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I'm honestly not sure what happened at the very least, but I ran a system restore to a mere few hours ago and things are smooth sailing so far, like 10 minutes up time, compared to around 1.

Thanks anyway, I'll drop back in if the problem persists

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