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Flushing to Disk (128)


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I had a hard drive disaster, and I'm trying to re-build my Utorrent index. I do re-checks and most files are fine, but some require partial or full re-downloading.

Two problems I'm having with that are:

A file that DID completely download had it's status change to "Flushing to disk (128), but is stuck there.

Other big problem is that when re-checking files, the check sometimes stops, and no other files are checked after that. It would be nice if utorrent got "stuck" that it would skip over that file and go to the next one.

I am running UtorrentPlus 3.3.2 Beta. I have tried version 3.4 alpha. That version seems fine, but it lacks all the status information such as files, info, peers, trackers, pieces, speed, and log.

One other problem that is not a problem for me right now is.. if the hard drive is 100% full, and you try to do rechecks.. all sorts of nasty things happen and files get corrupted in a blink of an eye. I think an easy fix for this would be for Utorrent to stop doing anything when there is insufficient disk space.

Utorrent seems to be the best torrent program there is, but, it has a few tiny bugs which are very frustrating. I have thousands of files that need rechecking and repairing. When operating at intended, that would be fully automated and might take a few days. When something just "stops", the repair process will not complete ever.

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