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help please.... using uTorrent disables http!


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Hello :)

I have a huge problem, which only appeared a couple of days ago, and which drives me bonkers trying to fix it.

At work, i am using one of my office workstations to do my BT downloading. The work environment consists of alltogether 12 computers, of which one is used to dial-in to the ADSL connection (no always-on) and all others then share that connection via tw ethernet switches (no routers! Just switches). The main machine is used to do "ICS" and it works perfectly, i have added the additional services in the configuration to have the appropriate port forwarded to my workstation. I get "network OK" and leeching/seeding works just perfectly at blazing speeds.

Now since a couple of days i lose all http connectivity as soon as i start uTorrent, and in such case each time i have to

1) uninstall the NIC on that workstation

2) turn off the switches

3) disconnect from Iinternet and turn off ADSL modem

4) reboot workstation -> autodetects and re-installs NIC

5) turn back on the switches

6) reconnect to the internet.

This makes it work - sometimes! Some other times i have to sactually re-setup the "home network" on both the workstation AND the host machine - in addition to the before mentioned steps! Unthinkable to use uTorrent during work - each time the whole office would be down.

Now it is ONLY http that seems to be affected - i.e. no websites will open. Other things still run fine on the workstation, such as MSN messenger or Skype. "Repairing" the LAN connection usually results in "failed to renew IP address", and all available steps for that issue fail......... tested, and spent more than 10 hours meantime trying to figure out what's wrong.

I have to add that when it happens, it indeed affects only the workstation (mine) with uTorrent running, and the problem persists even after uTorrent has been stopped and exited. All other workstation have full internet access just fine.

And no, i am NOT using port 80 for uTorrent :)

OS is Win XP pro SP2 on all machines, latest patches/updates are installed on all of them. Host machine runs Norton Internet Security 2003 completely updated, all oithers have no firewalls (the Windows one is disabled on all of them). The version of uTorrent used is 1.4, and the trouble started, as mentioned, just a couple of days ago all by itself w/o any hardware or software change to any of the machines.

I would appreciate any help on this....... thank you very much in advance :)

Kind regards.....

your Thanh

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You should at least get the latest version (1.5) and then maybe you could try starting from scratch by deleting the settings files. You could also try limiting the download/upload speeds and use trial and error to find the best combination.

This may not change anything but it's the first thing I would do.

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Hello again :)

Thank you both for replying. I do apreciate when "such old" versiopns are not receiving any support, however the problem does not go away when i use a newer version.

I have just completed uninstalling and completely removing of any traces of the old uTorrent, then downloaded the brand new version from here, installed it, and configured it in terms of download locations, ports etc.

The speeds are limited to 30 Kb/s up and 30 KB/s down (it's a 1 Mb/s connection, that is 1.024 kb/s up and down, yes business connections here are that way with identical up and down speeds) and the max uploads is set to "5" with max downloads being set to "3".

I have active two downloads and four seeds.

As soon as i start uTorrent, and it starts seeding and leeching, http goes on a holiday and i have a lot of work.

That must be possible to fix, no? There must be some setting somewhere that i am not aware of.... sorry, i am no network administrator by trade, so i really apreciste any help - constructive, that is. Please don't tell me what you NOT support, thank you, because of THAT i have already plenty.

<edit> Forgot to mention... this is probably related, i am also getting an AWFUL amount of "hash fails" on some of my downloads - not all tough, but a file that i am currently trying to get has already downloaded 1.25 GB while the file is only 800 MB in size, and still shows "412 MB remaining". That happens rather frequently - i already checked the computer's HDD and found no errors. Maybe both faults have the same reason?

Kind regards.....


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Hello, and thanks for reply :)

- DHT is, of course, disabled since the first day.

- TCP/IP is patched on host machine and workstations, also since first day in operation

- No router at all, as mentioned in original post - ICS on host computer, LAN switches.

Thanks for attention.....

your Thanh

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Hello once again :)

So i did it - i repatched the host machine, and set the number of connections to 110 as was before. Rebooted that machine. Then attempted the same on the workstation, but it was still set to 110. Then i went into uTorrents settings and there set it to max. 75 connections - way below what is available, yes?

The second uTorrent starts, BANG - http goes, still.

I am by now very fed up with this behaviour. I did everything that was suggested, yet - nothing helped, the problem (which occured all by itself a mere three days ago after having worked perfectly for months) just won't go away.

Any ideas left..?

Kind regards.....

your Thanh

And again... hello from Bangkok :)

Been thru a whole odyssey trying and testing and doing and - nothing. After all i found out that uTorrent is not at fault at all - since precisely the same thing happens as well when using any other Bit Torrent client, i tetsed with Azureus, Bit Comet and Bit Tornado - same thing with all of them, a torrent starts and HTTP says "good bye".

Any networking professionals here who might still be willing to assist me..? I greatly appreciate it.........


your Thanh

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Hello again.

No idea what you mean by "double posting" but my last post, which contained important information for anyone who eventually wanted to help me (rather than advising me on forum rules and again suggestinjg router issues, despite me mentioning twice already that i HAVE NO ROUTER AT ALL) was removed... well, thanks for that.......

However my modem is not in the list, it is a Huawei SmartAX MT800, just modem, one LAN connection, no router.

No changes in uTorrent have been altered that required the "advanced" section - i don't know anything about it, so i left everything at the defaults.

Connecting directly to the modem is impossible - the modem is installed in a fixed manner and in the other room, and i have no spare LAN cable long enough to try that. However when i switch the connection from the host to my workstation (thereby making the workstation the "host") the problem persists, already tested.

Firewall - none installed on the workstation, and XP's firewall is disabled. The Host runs Norton Internet Security 2003, and it has always been working fine. As mentioned - the problem just occured three days ago, and disabling that firewall doesn't help. BTW when switching connections (making the workstation "host") the Norton on that admin machine is bypassed - as the problem persists, no firewall issue).

I will ait untill friday afternoon and attempt a new Windows installation on the workstation, maybe that will cure this problem. Changing NIC card is no option - it's a Compaq deskpro, no PCI slot available.

Thank you very much for your attention, i hereby officially give up on the issue.

Kind regards....


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