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option to enumerate 'forbidden' file types


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i still use version 1.6.1. but there is 1 thing that i need very much and i'm ready to switch to a new version despite anything (in case the feature i'm speaking about is implemented)

the point is that we could have 1 wonderful option:

the possibility to enumerate (somewhere in settings, in some empty line) file types that should not be neither displayed (in a window with the content of a torrent-file) nor downloaded automatically

vuze (the very well known rival of u-torrent) has very allied feature within its settings: the possibility to enumerate file types that should be ignored on creating a torrent-file

while i'm asking for a possibility to list file types that should be totally ignored by u-torrent when displaying the window with the content of a torrent-file

for instance, these are only some file types that i don't want to see/download at all:

log, txt, md5, m3u, sfv, nfo, gif, bmp, png, jpg, doc, ini, dat, htm...

to me these formats are total nonsense and garbage

the option could be placed not only at the 'settings' page but also within the window with the content of a torrent-file (with the adjacent tick allowing: to disable the option temporarily and to show all the content for the current torrent-file only)

this option may be named 'File Types To Be Ignored When Downloading:'

and after my edit the line could look like this:

File Types To Be Ignored When Downloading: *.log, *.txt, *.md5, *.m3u, *.sfv, *.nfo, *.gif, *.bmp, *.png, *.jpg

and please believe me, i'm so tired of this nightmare when i have to disable all the numerous unwanted ticks manually (since 2009 and until now)

the scale of my this problem is immense. just imagine, i've reached 24.000 of added torrent-files (more than 99 % of them are torrent-files with music in lossless formats)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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