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Application version and language quite complex - Many misunderstanding


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I'm working on italian translation.

I found some miunderstandings about utorrent and bittorrent issues

uTorrent - Application

Too many versiion. I believe that one stable and one beta is enough.

Also because the build version not follow up the version.

It means that the build of 3.4.0 is lower than the build of 3.3.1.

And it created some problem about downgrading.

Proposal: just mantain two version: stable and beta

Proposal. please update Mac version,. Are quite old.

uTorrent translate - Not updated

The translate system is quite outdated.

Many builds are not loaded as language.

Please update the translation build to follow up the build that you released

The same request for bittorrent

Just one stable and one beta

Update Mac version

Update translation system

To use the same language for bittorrent and utorrent please remove in the language any program name reference and replace it with a parameter (like %s) that will be replaced by progran name during run.


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