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Problems with unreachable Tracker


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Hello all,

I hope this is the right forum for my issue since it is more a general problem than an actual bug but I couldn't find the announced "Problems" forum. Maybe I'm blind or so ;)

Anyways... I've noticed that µTorrent seems to have problems downloading from torrents which tracker is unreachable. I don't understand much of the bittorrent protocol, but normally that would soon plausible to me. Nevertheless Azureus doesn't seem to have problems downloading data from those kind of torrents. The Azureus status icon for those torrents is the blue smile. As I loaded one of those torrents into µTorrent it didn't load anything for more than one day. Then I loaded it into Azureus and it immediately started loading with about 50 KB/s. After trying to load it again in µTorrent it still didn't load. So it doesn't seem to be a temporal problem.

I would post a link of this special torrent i mean, but it has content which is not for people under 18, so I could only send the link to an admin or so if needed.

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