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RSS feed question


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Guys is there a way for the RSS to capture the weekly WWE shows? My issue is that these shows don't have episode numbers s00e00 but rather a date.

Is there an easy way to capture those?


WWE.Friday.Night.Smackdown.2013.06.21.HDTV.x264-WYW - WWE Smackdown

WWE.Monday.Night.RAW.2013.06.17.HDTV.x264-Ebi - WWE RAW

Also every week there are multiple releases for the same show. Can i set the RSS Downloader to capture only 1?

Thanks for the help.

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disable the smart episode filter for the ones without a season/episode based number.

Thanks DreadWingKnight, i did that...But now i have the second problem i described. If 5 torrents are released for the same show, utorrent will download all 5 of them.

What's the best practice on this case? To set a "NOT" filter trying to eliminate all but one?

And another question (sorry to bother you but these are real situations i'm getting from different torrents :)

What if today it's released the episode for 2013.06.24 but tomorrow someone releases the episode 2010.10.10...There is not way to bypass the older episode right?

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Also a last question and i promise i will shut up :) Under minimum interval what does "match only once" mean? If i'm not using the smart episode filter, it will only download 1 episode that matches my filter and then nothing else forever?

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