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Torrent already in the list


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I did the following:

-- Clicked on a magnet link to download a torrent

-- Torrent download page opened, but I did not click "Ok" because another dialog opened on top of it asking to download a new version of uTorrent.

-- I clicked the donwload/install/ok or whatever that button was to install the new utorrent version

-- The download dialog disappeared and I clicked "Ok" on the new torrent dialog

-- Nothing happened because uTorrent froze. It started installing the new version

-- uTorrent closed and restarted (presumably with the new version)

-- I clicked the magnet link to download again but I got a "Torrent already in the list" message.

-- The torrent was not in any of uTorrent's lists. Not even in the Labels/Hidden or anywhere else.

-- Nothing I did helped. I could no longer download the new torrent I wanted.

-- I deleted the %appdata%/uTorrent/resume.dat and then I was able to download it, but I lost all my other torrents.

It looks like a sort of race condition. Do you guys care enough to fix this?

Thank you


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