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utorrent 3.3 installation file contains virus/spyware?


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hi, i reinstalled win7 yesterday, also downloaded latest utorrent, vlc player n installed em at same time.

however i got somekind of virus/spyware(?) just after installing the utorrent n vlc player. :mad:

1. changed IE homepage to http://en.v9.com/......


2. installed eSafe Security Control.


so i reinstalled win7 and confirmed it didnt come from the vlc player installation file.

is it possible that virus/spyware came from the utorrent installation file?

maybe from one the optional programs included in utorrent installation?

i'll have to reinstall win7 again if i want to confirm, cos it appears utorrent skips the optional questions when u uninstall n reinstall it, and looks like the utorrent installation file has been changed within last ~18hrs. (even the icon color is slight diff)

utorrent installation file i downloaded ~2hrs ago = Version: 3.3.1 (Build 29812) 1101KB

utorrent installation file i downloaded ~18hrs ago = Version: 3.3 (Build 29677) 1021KB

anyone had similar issue? thank you.

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bit more info:

i know the latest/current utorrent installation file(3.3.1 build 29812) doesnt contain virus/spyware, but not sure about the previous one(3.3 build 29677) from less than 24hrs ago.

did 3.3 have eSafe Security Control for one of the optional program?

i know 3.3.1 have Search Protect for one of the optional program.

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