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torrents disappear on launching uTorrent


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This has happened already three times. The first time was 3 weeks ago. On switching on the pc the information appeared that I had to install uTorrent (I had been using it for 3 years without problems). I installed it and spent a week adding torrents and fixing the file location to be able to seed them. Yesterday uTorrent was running and suddenly all the information disappeared: 0 downloading, 0 completed, etc., no ratios.... I added the torrents again (the uTorrent folder where the programme stores the information about the torrents is OK). I lauched uTorrent only an hour ago and there was no information again although the statistics show Total Uploaded, Downloaded, Running Time, etc. Where's all the information gone?

Anybody knows what is going on?

My Torrent version is 1.8.2 (build 15167) and I'm using Windows XP se. I've run the antivirus programme.

Would be grateful for help.

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