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Protocol Overhead eating up space


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I had this Protocol Overhead thingy and it has been downloading without any active downloads like crazy.

Just in a day, it had downloaded at least 1.0GB. and clearly my disk space was reduced by it.

1. How to overcome Protocol Overhead? I searched within forums and theres not a thread that solves this specifically.

2. Where can i find the downloaded files done by the Protocol Overhead? I wish to delete them and free up space.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

(this is after 24 hours)

(in the Downloading (1) section, i have not started its download, thus inactive and not contributing to the download speed value as shown in the picture)

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Just so you're aware, MHR13, overhead specifically refers to data that's not saved.

It's data that's about the downloads instead. So it's data on the 9431 DHT nodes (can I just say Good Grief! is that's actually happening, you may have a problem there). It's data about what pieces other peers have, and what pieces you have. It's requests to get pieces from other clients. all that sort of thing.

And while it seems a lot, 1Gigabyte over 24 hours is an average of 12kb/sec. And since you've got a torrent in downloading, I'd say that may be taking most of that bandwidth.

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Thank to those replying to the subject that matters, i was worried as my HD space came from 4 GB to 3GB in a day in conjunction with the protocol overhead issue. So i assumed the protocol overhead did that as I did not do anything that requires HD space for the whole day of the event. Glad to know its not as what i assumed.

and specially to ciaobaby,

glad you found it funny till you piss yourself. May i recommend you a good urologist?

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