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utorrent 3.3 mem increase -> crash -> utorrent behind its time??


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Hello people,

I am on a 150MBit down connection. And when i try to download larger files utorrent fills up the memory, probably because the harddrive cant process the data so fast., and then crashes.

This problem is amazingly annoying and in my opinion its partly utorrents dev team failing.

While internet speeds are fastly increasing, they still keep the maximum memory size you can assign to utorrent 1800MB. My system has 32GB available so, if utorrent didn't put a limit of 1800 on it i wouldn't have any problem at all.

I beg utorrent developers to remove the limit or higher it, not doing so will result in losing more and more users due to not keeping up with the changes on home connections.



Not nice to close it before i can respond...

Today 16:47:55


It's not a uTorrent limit. It's a windows 32 bit application limit. No the increased limit wouldn't help your issue.

my reply:

then don't limit yourself to only making 32bit code. just start writing a 64 bit version. i know utorrent was doing this but they stopped. When you say, it's a 32bit application limit, you actually confirm that utorrent is kinda getting behind. What good is a torrent client if it has major problem with large files on high speed connections in 2013?

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