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One RSS filter works, the other does not


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Hello there,

I've recently learnt about RSS feeds, and gave it a try. I added Pirate Bay's feed and two filters for True Blood and The Killing. The only difference between the two Are *The?Killing* instead of *True?Blood* and 3x6- instead of 6x3- under Episode Number. Also, under not I used this rule on both filters:

*mpg* |*480p*|*1080p*|*1080i*|*season*|*nuked*|*repack*|*(German)*|*(French)*|*(Italian)*|*(Spanish)*

I checked Episode Number of course and Smart ep. filter.

I see both shows have a new episode in the feed, but yet only True Blood is being downloaded, and not The Killing.

Any ideas why that can happen?

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