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Just did an install and... what the...?!


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I havent made a reinstall of utorrent for quite some time now (atleast 1.5 years) and last time it was more or less just "next, next, next and done" but now... seriously?! like 3-4 extra programs and searchbars which ofcourse is already checked for "install".

The installation experience just went from "ok" to REALLY bad. Common guys, I really like the client but this was seriously bad...

I know this is prob. something so that you guys can make some money of the client but I hope you understand that adding all this to the installation really dropps the value of a program in the eyes of the consumer.

Now I did know that there would be a search bar since I had read about it, so I just didnt click next to fast cause search-bars are the anathema to a good web-browser (extra clutter from 3rd party when 1st party is doing everything they can to strip down the brower-experience)

But I did not expect to see 2-3 extra programs to install when I installed a torrent-client. I would rather have the client "as is" with no extra updates if that meant that there would be no more install "mumbo jumbo" then with new bug-fixes and tons of extra advertisements.

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