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Specific VPN Traffic Routing


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This summer I've been beginning to set up an HTPC server/NAS Drive but have been faced with a problem I am unable to resolve myself and am hoping someone here could help me.

My set up is going to be as follows: a PC running Windows XP SP3 running Plex Server (to stream movies & tv shows around the house), Calibre (to maintain an eBook library), Subsonic (to maintain a music database), and uTorrent (to download torrents automatically as Couchpotato & Sickbeard will also be running). I also have a VPN service and would like it running all the time on the computer. Is there any way I can run the VPN for all traffic, excluding traffic to the local network aka Plex, Calibre, and Subsonic? I'm afraid using Plex on a VPN will extremely affect it's performance both locally and outside of the house. Any solutions I've missed to help solve this? Thanks!

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