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µTorrent 1.5.1 beta 466


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Guys... guys... it's a free Internet-country, let it be. Using beta releases is totally voluntary, and for myself I understand anyone that like to try out & help test out new features, but do not want to mess around re-sorting columns order, or crash now and then.

A change-log definitely required to help both: us - to decide if to get into the cold beta-water, AND the devs - to help themselves test what's new. If they would tell us what it is - they will not benefit from those tests results.

the bottom line - ludde & Firon better try to improve their "act" and issue change-logs WITH the beta release for their own good (and ours... ;) ).

And really - I do appreciate the effort invested all around, just - try and work in a more orderly fashion . And if that's what we have - we can live with it. It's fun :P

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what I know and found new in FAQ (Point 8.10) today:

# gui.bypass_search_redirect bypasses the Nanotorrent search redirect.

# bt.allow_same_ip allows multiple connections from the same IP. Generally this should not be used, since it is normally an anti-leech protection.

and this was changed:

# net.outgoing_port makes µTorrent use a single outgoing port. This should only be used in specific cases. "This can be used with full cone NAT routers to reduce the number of NAT table entries and thus prevent crashes on some router models. When the outgoing port is bound to the same as the incoming port that might even solve NAT problems on full cone NAT routers." - AzureusWiki. This option may not be working properly. It will only work on Windows 2000 and later.

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Firon is probably waiting for us to do it :)

here we go:

--- 2006-06-09: Version 1.5.1 (build 463)

- Change: peer.lazy_bitfield enabled by default.

- Feature: Added option to allow multiple connections from same IP.

- Feature: Added option to bypass the Nanotorrent search redirect.

- Fix: Shift+Click now works properly in scheduler.

update it if you find something new untill Firon will make the real one :)

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rafi lol, I guess you're unlucky

rseiler, does "Advanced Options [WARNING: Do not modify!]" say something to you? :P If you don't know what's it for just don't use it and FAQ explains them very well.

nascent, that would be a very good option, however it's extremely difficult to implement :(

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Since Firon seems to be very heart from this phrase:

...for their own good (and ours... ;) )...

and got into the trouble of banning me (=shutting me up) , I like to state for the record that MY definition of "his own good" = "not answering the same question - 'why doesn't the changelog link work' repeatedly either by putting it's text with the link, or delaying the beta until it's ready"

In my view - this is the right way to do it. I like to think that this self-made changes-list might help some...

I deeply apologize to Firon if he did not understand it in this spirit :(

see you next week... after my ban... I hope the "official" changelog will be ready then :P

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rseiler, does "Advanced Options [WARNING: Do not modify!]" say something to you? :P If you don't know what's it for just don't use it and FAQ explains them very well.

What kind of a ridiculous response is that? Tooltips would be a great help, but that's obvious. If these options are so verboten, they wouldn't be there and we'd have to modify an .INI. And next to NO ONE knows off the top of their head what these mean; that hardly means they therefore shouldn't be used. There's a little thing called knowledge.

And going off to the Web and burrowing down through an endless FAQ to eventually find a blur of poorly-formatted advanced options and then reconciling those with what you see in the program (and no, they don't always match up) is an unnecessary eye test.

I'm surprised you didn't use the "We don't need more bloat" argument, which would have been even more laughable. You missed a real opportunity.

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What's wrong with the FAQ? Seems clear enough to me. My guess is that even a partially-better formatted offline help file still wouldn't suit your taste. The options are NOT meant to be played around with, and many people get along just fine without messing around with any of them. No, it's not because they don't know what each option is for and won't bother to read, it's because they don't need to change anything. In any case, for those who want to change, the more-oftenly changed advanced options are easy to understand (ipfilter.enable, for example), especially when a lot of them are in Hungarian notation anyway.

Why doesn't ludde just make the options only editable in a text file? Firstly, just because he doesn't do one thing doesn't mean he has to go to the other extreme. Secondly, it would make OUR lives harder when we're actually trying to help someone troubleshoot something. Thirdly, would you suggest that ludde scan the settings file for changes every X number of (milli)seconds? That'd be the only way for immediate changes to occur if the file were edited, and frankly, checking for changes in an entire configuration file is neither elegant nor efficient. Inelegance and inefficiency, or just restart the application every time you edit an advanced option. Personally, I'd rather not have either. These are hardly the only reasons for not having a text file for configuration, I don't feel like thinking of any others.

I'll end my post on this note...

1) Quit flaming

2) This has been requested and discussed before

3) This isn't a feature request or wishlist thread, so I'm not sure why this is even being discussed here

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People, why are you crying about it? There WILL be a changelog! (#utorrent topic says: "NO CHANGELOG YET, STOP ASKING") Can't you just wait? I would also like to see the real changelog, but I understand Firon and ludde has other things to do. They are not machines, they are people just like you and me. The changelog is NOT the most important part of µTorrent betas, is it? Just be patient and wait for it.

Note: This post is NOT dedicated only to people who wrote in this thread.

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