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µTorrent 1.5.1 beta 466


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So...if there isn't too much to ask...:| I don't understand how I set torrents to force start. It is important to me, because I get higher speeds at the begining and it matters in my current circumstances. Do not ask what and why :)). If you can help me, please tell me how:).

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wow the beta is awesome!!!!!

Download speed has improved almost 50%

80% of the peers are on Bitcomet from what it shows me

and theres a couple hundred peeps in swarm

so damn impressive

I switched to the beta in middle of a download

wow what a difference

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I think I may have a problem..


red light, yet I'm connected to so many people, and my dl speed seems normal.

it didn't do this in 1.5, so I'll see if going back to 1.5 fixes this

anyone else get this?

Yup. I had first yellow, than red light with 458 and than with 460 - although down and upload worked great. It was all green with 1.5 minutes ago.

Than i changed the port 2-3 times, reconfigured-rebooted router for the new port, edited the ports in Windows Firewall. Now it is all green. Took me 10 minutes, now i'm happy. :) Don't know what was problem though.

EDIT: I should learn to type :P

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Nice beta.

I really like the option to scale the speed graph. But i still don't like the spacing of the data points. The data points are separated by 10 pixels. So only 1/10 of the graphs width is really used to display data. I would like to see the steps reduced to 1 pixel. Right now with a resolution of 1 second there is a time period of 100 seconds displayed if the graph is 1000 pixels wide. Reducing the steps to 1 pixel would show about 16.5 minutes of data. That is even more than you would get with the resolution of 5 seconds now, which will show about 8.5 minutes of data. With 1 pixel steps this would be over 1 h 23 min.

Another issue of the graph is the smoothing. I prefer no smoothing. Right now the graph shows a decay if the download is interupted. Azureus' graph shows an instant drop in this case. Once i had network problems/download issues and with Azureus i could analyze them pretty good. In utorrent the problem was almost unnoticable because of the tiny amount of data that is shown and the smoothing.

Some other things:

- With resolve IPs domains like "domain.com" still can't be remapped.

- "Alternate list background color" should go to the "Appearance" category

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The webui files are gonna be a separate download, but the backend is (obviously) part of the program.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, ludde's making his own UPnP code, so when it's finished, hopefully it'll work on more routers and work on all OSes.

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I keep seeing the following situation on torrents where almost everyone is completed.

The only 2 or 3 peers that are not complete have "0.0%", they all have Azureus 2402 or 2403, and the only flag is "E".

I can think of two possibilities - one is a problem with those clients that prevent them from connecting to anyone else (seems unlikely), or a problem with recognizing the true percentage when connecting to those clients when they are encrypted (seems more likely). Probably the true percentage is 100.0%.

Anyone else seeing this ?

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