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µTorrent 1.5.1 beta 466


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I think µTorrent search in %AppData%\uTorrent first' date=' if it can't find any settings.dat it will look in his own directory.[/quote']

yes that is how it works

That's good if you think most people won't replace the settings.dat. Still it conflicts with a 'installed' utorrent when I execute off a removable drive. I'll suggest an option in the advanced settings the set wether it uses the %AppData%\uTorrent or the settings.dat stored in the same directory as the exe.

then just copy the settings.dat files to ur own c: utorrent folder, and if anyone uses the pc let it use the appdata ones, therefore everything will be separated.

Aww, shame me, what a simple solution. I'm feeling me dumb. Of course it's like that, why haven't I tought about that in the first place? Thx Nefarious.

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Nefarious: wrong, it checks the exe folder first, then the %AppData%\uTorrent folder.

This is the correct way. checking the local first makes it possible to run independently multiple uTorrents (if the port is being selected randomly)

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devs? what devs? :P

that happened to me before.. never payed so much attention to report it.. it's annoying though

another thing which i reported on IRC - the source field in the Create New Torrent dialog is too short and if the path is long the text is cutted off

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ammm... the comment in the "create new torrent" doesnt autodelete, sometimes i use comment sometimes not, but when i dont sometimes forget to delete it and is funny to have people asking you if the torrent is real since the comment says otherwise :P

not biggy, i just recreate it and reupload it, but it doesnt work like that on every tracker :P

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One annoying issue of the beta.

If i look at a long peer list, sorted by DL speed, and scroll down, the list jumps back to the first item very often. This happens also if sorted by other columns like client.

Never noticed this in 1.5.

same here

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