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Download speeds suddenly slow only for utorrent


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The other day when I finished downloading one torrent and started to download another it would say connecting to peers but nothing would happen. If I forced start it would download slowly but upload very quickly. This was very odd since these are torrents that have few leechers but many seeders. I tested a few other torrents on different sites the next day and this issue would occur every time. I checked my speeds on speedtest and everything was normal. Streams and direct downloads work just fine as well. I'm only having download speed issues with utorrent. I'll test another torrent client if I can't resolve this issue. To make it clear as well I'm nowhere close to exceeding my bandwidth limit nor am I downloading anything my ISP would block nor have they sent me any warnings to my email. I've been using utorrent for years and have never has such an issue so I would like to stick with it if I can resolve this matter.

Thank you in advance

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